James Bama was born in 1926 and grew up in New York. He followed his artistic calling through New York's specialized High School of Music and Art and then went on to the Arts Student League. His first art career consisted of fifteen years at the respected Charles E. Cooper Studio-at the time, the top illustration house in the country. He then moved on to freelance work, still a much- sought illustrator. These careers were highlighted by work with the New York Giants football team, the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Air Force, and The Saturday Evening Post. Finally, Bama asked himself what he really wanted to do, and the answer lay to the West. Soon after his move, he started painting Western culture, and his third and most famous art career began.

"The way people feel inside is not always the way they appear outwardly," says the artist. "In my paintings, I try to capture their innermost feelings. I would like to think that the body of work I produce makes a valid statement about life and is unique in that it is not something that has been done before."

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